Goodbye 2019

Ups and downs are the simplest ways to show that we are currently living a life. No life is perfect, not even a life of a King of an empire. Happiness and sadness are parts of it, which are oftentimes compared to Yin and Yang. The two opposite elements attract and complement each other and […]


Firework is one of the things that I would not get tired of watching it with an awe. I like fireworks. It is beautiful to watch something which is pretty and shiny plunge into the sky, shine from afar in the darkest nights, and slowly fade away after a short moment. When something is beautiful […]

Blank Answer

When the wound in my heart was cut open, I did not feel the pain immediately. But later, I feel it every day. As time passed, the wound grows bigger and bigger. When someone leaves you, it feels as if you lose the part of yourself. Even if we would never meet again, the pain […]

‘A little, but a lot’ Confession

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Or have you ever heard of the phrase “There’re a lot more about the person than what the eyes can tell”? Well this is my confession and my deep secrets that I have been buried long time ago. If you know me, […]

Will we ever collide?

Sometimes, I think of the sun and the moon as lovers that rarely meet, always chase, and almost always miss one another. But once in a while, they do catch up, and they kiss, and the world stares in awe of their eclipse. The story of the sun and the moon is tragic, yet beautiful […]