Time and Healing

Picture credit: Christian-Retamales.deviantart.com Physical injury is often bound to happen, especially when you were young. At such a young age, you tend to be fearless and like to explore to fill your curiosity. Then you might injure yourself because of your exploration. However, there are also times that you accidentally get hurt or there are […]


What do you know about LOVE? Love indeed holds a broad meaning. People give different meanings to it and come up with different explanations as well. Some are positive; some are negative. It is all based on their past and current relationship experiences. During the course of life, love has been shown differently. The first […]


孤独会使人们感到空虚,孤独和不想要。 孤独的人经常渴望与人接触,但是他们的心态使与他人建立联系变得更加困难。 根据许多专家的说法,孤独并不一定就是一个人。 相反,如果您感到孤独和孤立,那就是孤独感如何进入您的心理状态。

My Last Run

There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, There are no limits. Anonymous Different people come up with different meanings of life. What meaning do you give to it? Life is full of tension? Life is full of surprises? Life is full of twists and turns? Life […]


Feature Picture Credit: Pinterest – Odyssey One of the hardest things was learning that I was worth recovering. Demi Lovato There are always consequences of every action done either in positive or negative way. When the result is good, you are happy. When it is bad, you are unhappy. Yet, the surprising thing here is […]


“Storms do not last forever, and bad days will surely pass sooner or later.” Anonymous How much do you love yourself? When was the last time you have your body checked up? What about your mental health? Have you ever have it checked up? Physical pain is easily cured and treated; however, mental pain or […]

The Light

Waking up in the middle of the night, I open my eyes and feel the warmth in my room. The light leaps in a little by little until my vision is crystal clear. It was just a dream. I thought to myself. In that dream, I see myself trapped in a room, more likely a […]

Darkness of One Night

One night, you open your eyes looking at the ceiling losing yourself in the deepest part of your own mind and thought. Pain always bring you to the darkest place where you never imagine you would pay a visit. It is too painful that you wish you could find the way back home as soon […]