Why refuse to do what we know we should do?

I have been asking myself this question for so many years. If I knew what makes me happy, then why would not I just do it? For instance, you know that following a discipline lifestyle will benefit you a lot mentally and physically, yet you still choose not to adapt it right away.

You know that giving your 100% effort in everything you do whether it is to your job or in school will give you the outcome that you desire, yet you still find reasons to slack off.

You know that giving your precious time to your family, friends or loved ones will bring happiness and peace into your heart and theirs, yet you avoid them by saying you are busy.

You know that spending time with yourself and connecting with your inner thoughts will help you to be mindful and realize your previous mistakes in the past, yet you still will not give yourself a try.

Sometimes, you know very well that in order to eliminate unnecessary stress or solve problems and deal with other people, you need to be brave and confront them. Yet, you choose to run away from those problems and from the people you are afraid to confront.

You know very well that in relationship, being honest and being open about your feelings and needs will lead you to harmony, yet you lock up those feelings and let it bottle up inside you but never communicate about it.

I can guarantee you that if you sit down and write about the improvements that you need in your life, the list will go on and you will end up writing hundreds of points.

Even after knowing all the solutions to my problems, still I was not able to impose any of the principles on myself. It always feels like I couldn’t make it happen.

Why so? Because I avoided doing all the things that might have saved me from the miseries which I had to face through out my life. Then in the end, I blamed myself for this misery. I was disgusted by it and started to hate my life. Why did I fail to choose happiness that was right in front of my eyes? Instead I buried myself with stress, regret and disappointment.

I still wish I can answer myself this big question. I’m trying to.

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