Firework is one of the things that I would not get tired of watching it with an awe. I like fireworks. It is beautiful to watch something which is pretty and shiny plunge into the sky, shine from afar in the darkest nights, and slowly fade away after a short moment. When something is beautiful to you, you will love it without any hesitation or even care about the fact that it is going to last for a longer period of time or not. Also, without thinking of this question I have asked myself before.

“How long is forever?” – “Sometimes it is just a second.”

People always promise with forever, but they never realize that no one has the ability to tell about the future. Oftentimes, people take things for granted without thinking of the consequences that come after or what will happen in the next second of their lives.

They sometimes overlook this and do not stop for a moment to enjoy or to try to embrace and capture all the good things happened at that moment in their heart.

“Some infinities are bigger than the other infinities.” Hazel – The faults in Our Star

Then I realized that in life, it is not about how long we can live to enjoy the thing we love, but it is about how much we enjoy the things we love. Visibly, the firework that I love does not last long for me to see it, but it lasts forever when my heart truly enjoys it.

Just because we are no longer visibly seeing the things, it does not mean we cannot feel it, and it does not mean it cannot stay permanently in our hearts.

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