A Blessing

People say “Be grateful and count your blessings”, so have you counted it today yet? What are they?

Some people would say having got their dreams to come true, some would say having trendy material stuff, etc. However, there is one of the precious things when finally found.

Do you believe in fate?

Fate brings two people together no matter how far they are, how impossible it looks, how long it takes or how tough it seems. To some people, it is hard to believe that two people would fall in love with each other through texting before they meet in real life. Yet, we do.

Sometimes the two people who are truly best for each other will have to face greater obstacles in order to be with each other.


Indeed, there is not always sunshine in every relationship. There are many obstacles that we have to face to test our love. One of the big obstacles is distance. It is not easy to stay in love while we are far apart from each other. There will be misunderstandings. There will be miscommunication. There will be people who say it will never work out. There will be people who discourage us to go on. There will be many things for us to go through along the journey.

We found each other at our chaos. We both were damaged to the point that we almost lost faith in love, but then fate brought us together. We make each other believe in love once again. However, our love is not easy. It is a tough one compared to those who stay close together, but the best thing about our love is we love us. Despite the distance, we rarely fight each other, but we fight the problems together instead. We endure to the max when it comes to arguments. We understand each other and care about our well-being. We appreciate what we have done for each other even if it is just a tiny little thing. We communicate well even though it is not a face-to-face kind of communication. We might not have it as easy as ordinary couples but this is not an ordinary love.

There is no an accidental meeting between souls unless they are meant for each other. It is hard to find someone who brings peace, tackle all the problems life brings and not adding any unnecessary stress more to our lives. It is rare to meet someone who matches us and would accept the worst and the best of us at the same time. It is even harder to find someone who is willing to go through every ups and downs without giving up on us. And It is such a blessing to finally meet someone whom we can trust with everything. It is a blessing to have got someone whom can be our best friend, our biggest supporter and our everything all wrapped up into one person. It is a blessing to meet someone who only wants to help us grow in life and inspires us to be the best of ourselves. It is a blessing to meet someone who walks into our lives and gets it right while everyone else got it wrong. It is a blessing to find someone who respects us, corrects us and forgives us for all the mistakes we have made. It is a blessing to meet someone who is willing to wait for us no matter how much time it would take to finally be together. It is magical to find someone who comes along and warms our soul with his/her commitment, honesty, loyalty, love and affection. It is such a blessing to find someone whom loves us with every bit of his/her heart and soul. The most extraordinary blessing of all is to meet someone whom we can bare our soul to and have got to be with someone whom we wish for.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.


When love is a real true one, distance means nothing. Our heart is inseparable despite being far away from each other. A long-distance relationship is definitely not for the weaks or those who are afraid of pain. It takes effort, commitment, respect, endurance, reassurance, faith, trust, consistency, honesty, loyalty, integrity, positivity and many more to keep it alive. In spite of all the struggles, it is all worth it and it is safe to say we are proud of our love.

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