The Light

There is always the light waiting for you.

Waking up in the middle of the night, I open my eyes and feel the warmth in my room. The light leaps in a little by little until my vision is crystal clear. It was just a dream. I thought to myself.

In that dream, I see myself trapped in a room, more likely a big box because neither door nor windows were found. I screamed for help again and again, but there was no response. I tried to run forward, faster and faster, but I could not escape. I could not even feel any walls at all. All I could see was the darkness, all I could feel was the emptiness, all I could hear was the echo of my cracked voice from screaming too loud. I admit I was scared and lonely. I tried to reach out, further and further, hoping that I found the way out or somebody to hold, but it was empty, nothing again. Suddenly, a mirror appeared in front of me. What I saw in the mirror was myself looking horrible, like a man who had not been fed and groomed for ages. I could see my scary exhausted face all covering in sweat, but shortly afterwards, his mouth was curled into a wicked smile back at me. All of the sudden, he laughed like he had not had a good laugh for so long. This was not the first time I dreamt of something like this. It was countless and every time I would wake up feeling horrified, until tonight I realized something.

There is a belief I always believe in, “There will always be a way out”. At that moment, I tried to calm myself down, sitting on the floor, closing my eyes and started to meditate. Soon after, the mirror disappeared. There was no more a wicked smile, no more an evil laugh and there was no more the scary looking man. I felt the light embracing me and lifted me up to the sky. There, I open my eyes, feel the warmth inside, and my body feels so light but right. I can tell now I am in my own room. I feel relieved.

Oftentimes, you would find yourself lost in the darkness inside, the darkness that has the ability to consume and swallow you up whole without you knowing. You thought you could never ever find the way out. You told yourself you have tried your best to seek for the light, but it seemed like you reach the dead-end road. Right at this moment, there is one thing you have to remind yourself.

“Nothing is impossible if you believe and have hope.”

– Anonymous

The light that you are trying to look for is nowhere far from you. It is all around and will appear right in front of you when you truly believe and have hope in it.

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