“Storms do not last forever, and bad days will surely pass sooner or later.”


How much do you love yourself? When was the last time you have your body checked up? What about your mental health? Have you ever have it checked up?

Physical pain is easily cured and treated; however, mental pain or emotional pain is not that easy to heal. In some serious cases, you can be a victim of your own darkness, and you will never find a way out no matter how much you are trying to get rid of it . It is really suffocating and agonizing, which no words can be used to describe that feeling.

Each year, each moment, you will face new challenge or encounter new faces. Some come in with bless, some come with lessons. In this process, you have to believe that the blesses that offer to you might be the key that you have been searching for to unlock the door to a brighter place.

However, it would still be nothing if you do not allow yourself to accept that key. At that moment, remind yourself that you are the master of your mind; you control you own thought, belief and attitude. Therefore, if you keep telling yourself that white is black, it will be black as you think it is. No man on earth will ever change your opinion if you stay firm about it. Since you are the one who makes your own decisions and choose your own choices, why don’t you learn to accept the key? Perhaps, after that, you finally feel happy again.

All the storms in your mind will surely fade away when you telling yourself to be positive and enjoy the rain. During the process of healing, you might find it hard at first to adapt yourself in a new environment and thought, but the result will be worth it all. If you take a moment to observe the life of the sunflower, you would be taught a valuable life lesson.

Sunflowers end up facing the sun but they go through a lot of dirt to find their way there.

J. R. Rim

The sun is compared to the light at the other side of the door. The dirt is compared to all the problems you are having now. In order to see the light, you have to face those problems or challenges in order to grow and heal. There is no shortcut to it, and what is worth will not come easy. You need to put yourself in it and solve with all you might.

Healing is not an overnight process. It is a daily cleansing of pain, it is a daily healing of your life.

Leon Brown

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