What do you know about LOVE?

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Love indeed holds a broad meaning. People give different meanings to it and come up with different explanations as well. Some are positive; some are negative. It is all based on their past and current relationship experiences. During the course of life, love has been shown differently. The first one is keeping on chasing but never receives it. The second would leave thinking the other person deserves better, so this is the best option. The third would sacrifice or willingly do everything just for the sake of love. The fourth even decides to go to another world not being able to accept the fact that they are fail in the subject of love. The fifth would stick to the one and only no matter what the person is like or what happens, so on and so forth.

Love comes in different forms whether the love between a man and a woman, a man and a man, a woman and a woman. These are the typical ideas about love and relationship; however, the real true one will be forever with the same purpose. Unfortunately, it is often mistaken, which leads to many wrong perceptions about it.

If a person loves you, s/he will accept whoever you are. They would not ask you to change anything at all.


The above quote is true to some extent. There is no denying that when someone loves you, you expect that person is willing to accept everything about you, all the goods and bads. However, you have to know that that person also expects the same thing from you. It is not always all about you alone. You want the best person, that person also wants the same. Therefore, along the journey, you have to adapt, adjust and compromise in order to keep your love safe.

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Love is not always “If that person loves you, s/he will do everything for you.”, “If that person loves you, s/he will never let you do too many things.”, “If that person loves you, s/he will listen to everything you said.”, “If that person loves you, s/he will …..”. You have got to know that these do not apply to all situations. There are circumstances that avoid that person doing what people expect him/her to do. Love is understanding that no one is perfect. Love is understanding that the other person also has got his/her duty to complete. Love is understanding that that person also has a his/her own life before meeting you. Love is understanding that that person wants you to be a better person. Love is wanting to see you grow as a person. Love is being happier than you are when you are successful. Love is understanding that that person wants nothing but to bring happiness and a smile on your face. You cannot rely on what other people have got to say about it or every quotes you read from the Internet. You would lose a good person if you believed or strictly followed those quotes. Some people break up because of that reason. Love is forgiving and not caring about that person’s past mistakes. You should focus on the present and his/her future self. When you really truly love someone, it is all about your feeling. You have got to trust him/her than anybody else and how they make you feel because it says a lot about that person. Love is supposed to make you feel at peace at all time. You do not have to feel guard up every minute to protect your love.

However, if you notice, you will be able to see that the love from parents’ to their children or the love from grandparents to the whole family, which is overlooked, have the same purpose, but they are completely forgotten and have never been put on the table when it comes to the discussion of love. That is a reason some people have misunderstood and never know what real true love is. Therefore, they would put themselves in danger and play with fire without realizing the consequences that come after.

The truth is love is simple. When you ask what love is, you can just take a look at the love from parents towards their children. It is the best example of all. It is magical and unconditional. You cannot find any other love to compare to the dept of their heart. It is pure and no wicked ideas. No matter what the child turns to be, no matter how wrong the child is, no matter how many times the child make mistakes, no matter how weak the child is, the parents would willingly protect, teach, guide, give countless chances and supports and never ever let go of the child’s hands. This is the perception that should be considered and talked about when it comes to the question of love.

The idea of love sometimes is delusional or misled.

Some people would show their ideas through writing articles or filming it. In some cases, it is written out as a quote posting on the Internet, which is not fully explained. However, not everybody would interpret the meaning in the same way, and it is believed that the interpretation correlates with the feeling you have at that time. Therefore, it is not always the same as the writer thought it would be. Let’s take self-love as an another example.

“Love yourself first, only then will others know how to love you.”


Depression makes us talk a lot more about self-love these days, but the question is what exactly it is that everybody is talking about. Some would understand the whole meaning of it but some would take it to another level and have a confusion between self-love and being selfish. Love is not just a relationship between two or a group of people, but it is also a relationship between you and yourself which everybody called it self-love. It does not mean that you only think about your own benefits and not others’. It does not mean that everything must revolve around you and the others are not important. It does not mean that only your feelings are valid and the others are not. This is what you called selfish. Self-love just simply means you take care of your body and mind. You seek peace rather than holding fire in your hands and heart. It simply means you take a good care of your well-beings rather than putting your nose into someone else’s business. It is the idea of falling in love with yourself and having positive ideas about every situation happens. It is the idea of making yourself happy without harming or ruining other people’s life. It is letting go, forgiving yourself of all the mistakes you have made and learning from those lessons to be a better person. That is why it is called self-love for a reason.

There would be time you feel lonely, or you feel like the world is too big for you. If you feel like you have no shoulders to lean or cry on when you need them, if you think that no one loves you, you have to tell yourself that you have your family. They are people who will never ever betray you. They are people who love you wholeheartedly. If you have no family, you still have your friends. Some friends treats you like you are one of their family members. If you have no family and friends, you still have yourself. You have got to be strong physically, mentally and emotionally so that no one will ever have a chance to ruin your peace of mind.

There is always that one person in your life who secretly cares for you.


Here are some of my favourite songs for you to listen to when you cannot sleep or feel lonely. It does work with me, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Happy Valentine’s day 🌹

7 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. The real true love will make you feel at ease and at peace and give you strength to conquer the world. You will never doubt their intentions because they will treat you very well and they will make you feel like you are not the one but the only one.

    Happy Valentine’s day. 🌹

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  2. To my friend wish you Happy Chinese New Year 🎊🧧 at the same time Happy Valentine’s Day 🌻also. To you, I have no doubt and the way I feels about you is true. I hope you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you. WS


    1. Thank you for always trusting, believing and encouraging me for years. I am happy to have a friend like you. I do appreciate your kindness all these times, and I will never forget you. I hope you are doing fine. Anyways, how is your work with the airline company? KT

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  3. My pleasure! I’m doing fine and glad to hearing that from you. About my work it’s still stuck and don’t know when will get better so I decided to find another job to do and I just done interview with another company if I pass I’ll work with them until everything back to normal.


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